The idea behind the founding of Ibadan Literary Society (ILS) and the inauguration of the Ibadan Book Conference was explained by Mr Jahman Anikulapo.
In his opening remarks at the conference, Mr Anikulapo highlighted the relevance of historical organisations such as Mbari Club (1960s) and the Youth Palace, both at Ibadan, in generating the idea for the Society.
“If these organisations could exist to develop cultural activities in certain parts of Ibadan, why can’t we build on their efforts and enlarge the idea to embrace the whole city?”, he asked.
“We envisage a resurgence of cultural activities including visual arts, galleries, museums and performance spaces in Ibadan. The ILS is being advanced to be the pivotal organisation for these activities”, he added.
Mr Anikulapo solicited the cooperation and commitment of participants at the conference in building the Society: “Let’s join hands to work together in generating ideas and realising them for posterity”.