The Ibadan Book Conference opened today 11 June 201 to a critical appraisal of the book industry in Ibadan, the seat of publishing in Nigeria. With a theme of ‘The Book, The People and the Challenges of Growth’, Mr Kolade Mosuro of Booksellers Ltd delivered a captivating keynote address which generated discussions on the book industry, the investors and the readers. Writer Dumebi Ehigiator, whose novel ‘The Spider’s Web’ was privately funded, criticised the common practice of certain vanity publishers in Nigeria who collect money from authors to publish a limited number of copies but who then print several copies which they sell, often without the author’s knowledge.
In response, Mr Steve Shaba, proprietor of Kraft Books Ltd derided that practice and encouraged his fellow publishers to adhere to agreed contracts between authors and publishers.
“Sometimes a publishers exhibits books in his stable at Book Fairs to promote the books, but this comes at a price, as the publisher has to pay fees and other costs,” Steve Shaba said. “Nonetheless, a transparent business practice should be encouraged”.

Writer Dumebi Ezar Ehigiator
‘The Spider’s Web’ writer Dumebi Ezar Ehigiator raising an important point about lack of trust in the book publishing industry in Nigeria
Steve Shaba, Kraft Books Ltd
Publisher Steve Shaba (Kraft Books Ltd) responding to the keynote address