In the past few years, activities in and around Ibadan, capital of the Old Western Region of Nigeria (now capital of Oyo State) have indicated the imminence of a major cultural rejuvenation. Icons in the literary and other fields of creativity are being celebrated one after another as in a ritual revisitation with a futuristic contention.

Although its geopolitical profile has been altered over the years with the creation of six states (Ekiti, Lagos, Ogun, Ondo, Osun and Oyo) from the Old West, the cultural influence of Ibadan has not in any way diminished.

The city which hosts Nigeria’s premier university – the University of Ibadan – has maintained its status as a cosmopolitan reference-point in African Art and Literature. And this, among others, is one reason behind its growing reputation in recent years as destination of choice to a multitude of literary pilgrims drawn from within and outside Nigeria to celebrate our literary pace-setters.

Beyond nostalgia, echoes of the Mbari and Black Orpheus years are in the air. Ibadan is re-asserting its prominence as a hot-bed of creativity and culture-production. As such, there can be no better time than now to take the initiative of re-establishing a media-base for the articulation, documentation and dissemination of ideas emanating from members of the immediate community and like-minds across the globe.

Towards this end, the IBADAN LITERARY SOCIETY is being instituted, and one of its major projects is the publication of the IBADAN LITERARY JOURNAL.


CONCEPT: The ILJ is conceived as an academic publication, but one with a magazine outlook. In this respect, it will be a departure from the regular tradition while incorporating other aesthetic dimensions – literarily and graphically – that will make it appealing to the generality of the enlightened public. It will be a good mix of academics and journalese without losing the desired seminal ingredients. The structure will also follow a magazine with each artistic discipline treated under its own particular section. This is a way of distinguishing ILJ from existing journals of its kind. In addition, the journal will be enriched visually with illustrations, especially in the forms of portraits, photographs and cartoons relating to the subjects under discourse.

OBJECTIVES: The Ibadan Literary Journal is aimed at achieving the following objectives:

  1. To create a media-base for the articulation, documentation and dissemination of ideas on literature and other forms of art;
  2. To serve as a medium for the publication of quality criticism of literary and other forms of artistic enterprise;
  3. To bring about a mutually beneficial interaction between the town and the gown in contemporary literary and artistic discourse;
  4. To provide an avenue for the promotion of research in all fields of the arts;
  5. To promote literary creativity, with special emphasis on new writings:
  6. To promote the reading culture through the provision of quality creative and critical materials;
  7. To promote, preserve and propagate African culture through the literary and other forms of artistic enterprises.


The Ibadan Literary Journal is designed to be published on a multiple media basis. As such, and in consonance with contemporary trends, it will reach the readership through the following outlets:

  • On-line as a QUARTERLY;
  • In the Newsletter/Mail chimps as a MONTHLY;
  • In Print as an ANNUAL (to be published in June to herald the annual IBADAN BOOK FESTIVAL)


Editing: The idea is that each section will be GUEST EDITED with supervision by a yearly GUEST EDITOR, who is also super intended by an Editorial Advisory Board.

NB: The writer, journalist and culture communicator, BEN OMOWAFOLA TOMOLOJU has kindly accepted to chair the first Editorial Advisory Board. Other members are being considered

Staffing: Freelance contributors mostly drawn from home and the Diaspora. It will be convergence of the old and the young, otherwise the tested and the green.


  • Grants
  • Subscription
  • Adverts
  • Partnership – Local and Global



  1. Literature – Poetry, Fiction, Drama, Non-fiction
  2. Performing Arts: Music – (i) traditional, contemporary; (ii) Theatre; (iii) Motion Picture – Film, Television, Video, Internet (YouTubeing etc)
  3. Visual Arts – Painting, Sculpture, Photography, Graphic, Fashion, etc.
  4. Architecture & Designs – Building, Facilities, Environmental Art (public monuments etc.)


  1. Culture, Heritage – (incorporating Museums, Monuments, Sites)
  2. Festivals – Traditional, Cultural and Contemporary (artistic festivals etc.)
  3. Philosophy & Language


  1. Research – Academic/non-academics
  2. Conferences etc.
  3. Lectures


  1. Profiles
  2. Landmark @ Celebrations

*FIRST EDITION*Date to be announced.


To be directed to the ILJ’s parent institution, the Ibadan Literary Society: